Morzine does have the reputation of a bit of a party town. Winter or summer, it's vibrant and varied bar scene attracts revellers from all over Europe who, primarily here for the day time activities on the slopes, to explore Morzine's vibrant hospitality scene. It's a vaillage with plenty of charm and character, so when venturing out most would rather not be pigeon holed into the one or two concrete bunker style watering holes encountered in a purpose built resort.

There's 10 bars and 1 club we're going to present to you, based on times of the day or night, and what you're likely to be doing when you get there!

Le Bec Jaune services Morzine with it's only public micro brewery, the place to go to get some interesting local beers, backed up with some brilliant food. The place to be is on the terrace for apres bike or ski, with a jug of beer and some bar snacks, lapping up the last of the afternoon sun. Always a relaxed atmosphere, it's a good local pub and the most likely to not interrupt your conversation with loud angry music. Showing all the UCI World Cups thoughout the season.

The Haka may have Morzine's best sun trap. Summer or winter the large terrace is full of people. The atmosphere is good, there are plenety of vaired beers and there is a generous happy hour. They also serve lunch, crepes, an apres menu of snacks aswell as most major sporting events. Take a lock for your bike as it'll likely be parked on the pavement below the terrace.

The Haka

The Haka Morzine

Le Crepu is where you'll likely find the party as the clocks near midnight. Open from early afternoon it's huge terrace and funky interior are a good spot to get people in the mood with cocktails, shots and decent beers including a Cornish IPA. They'll also be showing sports to their varied client base of local French, Ex-pats and  tourists. You'll find a good atmosphere here, at the top of the complex of bars on Taille de Mas du Pleney.

The Tibetan had an opportunity to 'rise from the ashes' after a catastrophic fire before the start of the 2017 Winter season. A full refit and remodel later, it's back and retains it's spot as one of Morzine's most stylish bars to have a drink with your friends. Ample seating, cool music and a long drinks list including Euro-style G&T's (rather than the thin glassed French 'shooter' gin and tonic's these are generous serves in big old glasses). Found on the Taille du mas de Pleney, in the complex of bars including Le Crepu and Cavern.

Bar Robinson

Bar Robinson Morzine

Bar Robinson. Handle with care and in moderation. It's buzzing apres bike scene, sunny terrace, relaxed vibe and old school atmosphere hide a dark secret that many a tourist and local alike have discovered the hard way. Relationships have broken down, memories have been made and all too quickly forgotten in the following days recovery. Mutzig Old Lager is the cuplrit. The only beer they serve, at 6.9% it's best consumed in demi or half pint format, so you can control the onset of inebriation. Those that ignore this advice run the risk of doing things on holiday they'll wish they hadn't.

Signed, the voice of experience.

Owned and run by local legend Roger Mandin, Chez Roger has been a Morzine hotspot for locals and tourists alike for over a decade. With it's cosy outdoor heated terrace and solid selection of beers and wines, it's a go to for apres bike and for post dinner shenanigans. Often a relaxed atmosphere, every so often and without much warning the party finds it's way to Roger's doors, he and his staff are only to happy to open them! They'll also show any mountain bike event, including all the UCI World Cups.

Most of the best nights out in Morzine have the words Cavern in them at some point. At the bottom of the stairs that service Le Crepu and Tibetan, it's an apres - early morning type of venue, with big screen tv's playing snow movies and beer taps allocated to your table it's a good place to get lively. It's cavernous (pun intended) nature makes it less appealing for a summer post bike beer, but very popular as a pre-nightclub stop over. The owner has been in the game a long time and knows how to make a good night out!

Cafe Chaud, formerly one of Morzine's dive bars, it's been stripped of it's dirt and grime and is now one of the best places in town for a shindig with a good mix of live music and good banter with the bar staff. A pool table keeps things mellow when needed, as does a small outside terrace, but this bar comes into it's own when the sun has gone down, it's the most likely spot to find action on any given night in Morzine. Though it, and you should be careful and respectful leaving late into the night as it sits in a residential area, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

L'Opera is the night club in Morzine, the only place you can make things happen when the clock gets into the small hours of the morning. Opening just before midnight, once the restaurant L'Etale has cleared away it's dining tables from the entrance, it's not exactly Ministry of Sound. It is what it is, and it's rare you'll have bad time. Terrible music, which can be so bad it's good, raised cages to dance in and a stage to strut your moves, it's big dance floor will often be sprawling with middle aged men trying to do the worm. Bottles of spirits are available, best not to look at your credit card receipts the next morning....

Le Tremplin

Le Tremplin Morzine

In lieu of Le Cottage, Morzine's mountain biker go to for the last few summer season, Le Tremplin has found itself with bikes scattered across it's garden terrace at the end of the riding day. Deck chairs and umbrellas give a nice vibe to sit down and wait for the last rays of sun to disappear from Le Pleney. There's a bouncy castle and kids play area within the terrace, a popular place with the tourist and local families. It's not Le Cottage, there's no Seb and no crocodile, but still a fine place to soak up some Morzine ambience.

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