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Rob Brown

Mon, 09/13/2021 - 17:29

Amazing trip in the Tweed Valley, 4 days of brilliant trails and expertly guided by Craig. Great location as well based from the Glentress Hotel.

Jim Smith

Sat, 10/09/2021 - 14:51

Been a few times with MTB beds to either Morzine or Finale Ligure. Top class outfit. Can't recommended them enough. There is no better 👌🏻

Our Whistler Bike Park & Beyond Tour visits iconic bike park trails and remote, backcountry terrain. We combine party laps, incredible rock slabs and loamy descents to create the perfect Whistler riding cocktail that packs a serious punch. This tour lets you experience Whistler from the perspective of a local with our professional guides, drivers and MTB-specific accommodations. 

Arriving in Vancouver and the truly stunning Sea to Sky corridor, we will collect you from the airport or downtown and head straight to Whistler Village where your local guide will meet you. During the tour, you will ride the Bike Park and its surroundings, Squamish and Pemberton, with truly bucket-list trails. Your transport is included and our local guides will do the rest, so sit back and relax until it's time to ride. 

Whistler Bike Park Tour

What's included

  • 4* Central Whistler MTB Specific Hotel Accommodation
  • 2 Group Dinners - Welcome + Celebration Dinner. Guides will join you.
  • Airport transfers to and from Vancouver Airport / Downtown
  • Transportation to Squamish and Pemberton
  • 2 Professional guides for 6 days
  • 3 Days Guided in Whistler Bike Park with lift line priority
  • 1 Day Guided Whistler Enduro 
  • 1 Day Guided in Squamish
  • 1 Day Guided in Pemberton
  • All trail permits, taxes and community dig donation 

Not Included

  • All food and drink bar Welcome and Celebration meals
  • Whistler Bike Park Passes 
  • Bike Rentals - We have many options if needed
  • Insurance
  • Flights

Our Whistler Bike Park and Beyond tour aims to make your life as easy as possible with all logistical elements in place for the duration of the trip, taking you to the best trails in comfort with expert guides and ensuring that every second you have on the trails is maximised. You won't be getting lost, trying to guess which bike park trail is running the best or wandering around trying to find a bike shop for repairs. We will take care of this for you and guide you every step of the way. This is where we add such value to a once-in-a-lifetime tour like this. 

We have made every effort to ensure you have the best guides with local knowledge, the best MTB-specific accommodation and reliable and efficient transport throughout the tour! Yes, you could do Whistler on a budget but trust us, it will not be the same experience as this incredible Tour! 


Local knowledge
True adventure
Single track
Professional guides
Mountain peaks
Local culture
Day trips
Bike wash
Bike store

The Program & Sample Itinerary

Based on the following itinerary with a one-night stay on arrival in Vancouver and a potential stay in Vancouver the night before you fly home we see the tour working like this

Day 0 - Arrive in Vancouver, 1 or 2 days before the trip starts, this allows for any jetlag or lost luggage to be found. 
Day 1 - Pick up from Vancouver, travel to Whistler, check-in, bike set up, collect lift passes - Afternoon ride WHISTLER BIKE PARK - Guided (Our local guide will meet you on arrival and help with passes, bike build, hotel etc) Welcome evening meal. 
Day 2 - Whistler Bike Park - Full Day Guided
Day 3 - Squamish Enduro - Full Day Guided with transportation
Day 4 - Pemberton Enduro - Full Day Guided with transport
Day 5 - Down Day - Self ride - NO GUIDES
Day 6 - Whistler Enduro - Full-Day Guided 
Day 7 - Whistler Bike Park - Final day, Full Day Guided. Pulls together the full week of riding for Whistler's best. Finale meal and goodbye! 
Day 8 - Pack up and head to Vancouver. Clients decide if they stay an extra night or fly. 

Day 1 - Arrive in Vancouver, see the city, stay 1 / 2 nights

Arrive at your leisure and enjoy a day or two in the harbour city of Vancouver. The city has a tonne of highlights and it's just a matter of what speaks to you and where you are staying that evening. Some options include checking out the lively Granville Island Market, cruising around Stanley Park and English Bay on a bike. Going for a hike up Grouse Mountain overlooking the whole city, exploring Gastown, which is Vancouver's oldest district or heading out to the UBC Museum of Anthropology to learn more about the First Nations culture and art.

Recommended hotels in Downtown Whistler near your pick up point are

  • Budget option - The Cambie Hostel Seymour
  • Mid Range - Blue Horizon Hotel
  • High End - Grand Park Hotel & Suites Downtown Vancouver

2 - Travel to Whistler, bike set up, get lift passes, check in - Afternoon WHISTLER BIKE PARK. - Guided 1/2 Day

Pickup address  - Burrard Bus Station. Hyatt/Burrard sky train station. Melville St. door entrance to the Hyatt. This block of Melville St. is about 100m long and there could be other buses at this stop when we pull up, please watch for The Epic Rides buses, pictured below, pulling up behind other coaches along Melville St, beside the Hyatt.


Leaving the city, the short journey to Whistler leads along the Coast up the Sea to Sky Highway and then further into the mountains. This is a beautiful drive with close-up views of islands, waterfalls, rushing rivers and glaciated peaks. Once arriving in Whistler you will meet up with your guides for an introduction and then take some time to build up your bikes and get geared up for your ride. The guides will meet you at your accommodation for this and then cruise over to the Bike Park for your first laps to warm up. Today's ride is a half-day ride and sets the stage for a full week of riding ahead. This evening we will all head out for dinner and a few drinks and discuss the week ahead. 

Riding: Lift Assisted Bike Park. 1/2 Day. No climbing.
Overnight: Whistler - Dinner included. 

3 - Whistler Bike Park - Full Day Guided

After enjoying a great breakfast to kick off the day you will roll over to the base of BIke Park and head up with your guides for a full day of Bike Park action. Today's ride will be a mix of technical and flow trails and will be a progression of difficulty. Your guides are also certified coaches and are there to support you with some tips and help develop your riding even further. Mid day you will stop in the village for lunch and a rest before heading back out for an afternoon or more park laps. Enjoy the evening on your own to explore Whistler Village.

Riding: Lift Assisted Bike Park. No climbing.
Overnight: Whistler

4 - Squamish Singletrack - Full Day Guided with transport

Today we are loading up in the van and heading south down to Squamish with our bikes. Your guides will link up some of the best trails that flow through lush coastal rainforests and connect some fun and technical rock slabs. The climbing trails in Squamish are really well designed and bring us further up the mountain for some great descents. After lunch, we will climb back up and explore a new area as there are a tonne of trails in the Squamish region. The trails in Squamish are different from Whistler and are sure to impress. We will spend the full day down in Squamish before making our way back up to Whistler. 

Riding: Pedal access trails. 
Overnight: Whistler

5 - Pemberton Enduro - Full Day Guided with transport

This morning we will be heading further north up to the small community of Pemberton. The Pemberton Valley is a farming town that is surrounded by towering peaks and incredible trails, which the passionate local riding community has crafted. Today's ride will climb up a well-built climbing trail with some great views as we head further up the mountain. The singletrack rewards from the top are well worth the big efforts to get up and as you descend back down into the valley you will be treated to amazing views of the dramatic Mount Currie directly across from us. The trails in Pemberton are dryer as it's a different climate than Squamish and Whistler so the variation is great to have. Make no mistake though the Pemberton trails are technical and require a keen focus on the trails. 

Riding: Pedal access trails. 
Overnight: Whistler

6 - Down Day - Self ride - NO GUIDES

Today is open for you to experience as you wish. You may decide to take a full day off the bike to check out other things in Whistler or utilize the lifts in the Bike Park for some more laps after some days previously. Your guides will not be with you today as this is truly a choose your own adventure sort of day. 

Riding: OPEN. 
Overnight: Whistler

7 - Whistler Enduro - Full-Day Guided 

After a bit of a rest day it's time to get back out there with your guide for a full day of riding. Today we will be riding the Whistler trails outside of the Bike Park and these are some of the local's favorites. Our rides today will likely take us across to the Westside of Whistler on the shoulders of Sproatt Mountain and may include a pedal up into the Blackcomb trails as well. During the day we will stop into a local cafe to pick up lunch and either eat there or trailside depending on the route that we take. With well over 100 trails to choose from this day, your guides will be choosing the trails that are running the best and match up to the interest and ability of the group. Soak up some great views from the trails as our rides escape the village area and Bike Park and really showcase the beauty of the Whistler Valley. 

Riding: Pedal access trails. 
Overnight: Whistler

8 - Whistler Bike Park - Finale. Full Day Guided.

Today's ride pulls together the full week of incredible riding. Your guides will lead you further up the mountain as well as dropping into the Creekside zone of trails. We may also head up into the alpine network depending on the conditions and what is open at the time. These trails include Top of the World and some other classics. No matter what trails we connect in you can be assured that the guides will have an incredible link up of your favorites as well as some trails you haven't seen yet. Soak up a full day of riding with the crew and then tonight head out in the village for a great night out. Your guides will be saying thanks for an incredible week as we wrap up with a big meal and some drink! 

Riding: Lift Assisted Bike Park. No climbing.
Overnight: Whistler - Dinner included

9 - Pack up and head to Vancouver. Clients decide if they stay an extra night or fly. We say goodbye. 

Overnight: On own

Booking Deposit

To secure your place on our Whistler Bike Park and Beyond Tour a 30% per person, booking deposit is required. The full balance is due 8 weeks before you arrive in Whistler. 

All clients will also benefit from our Lifetime booking deposit scheme, see more info here -

And our 7-day booking cooling-off period! 

Room Arrangements

The rooms are Twin Queen rooms, comprising two double beds, and all are ensuite rooms. The tour price is based on two people sharing a room. If you would like a single occupancy room we can source a single supplement price. Expect to pay an additional £75 per night. 



Visas - You must get an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to enter or transit Canada by air, unless you're exempt. Read the list of exemptions on the ETA website. If you enter Canada by land or sea, you don't need an ETA. However, you must travel with acceptable travel documents and identification.

What is an ETA Canada? - The ETA (electronic travel authorization) Is an entry requirement to be able to travel to Canada by air. Once your ETA is approved, it will be linked to your passport.

How long is my ETA Canada valid? - Once approved, your ETA is valid for five years or until your passport expires – whichever comes first. You can come to Canada as many times as you wish as long as your ETA remains valid.


Breakfast - We have decided not to include breakfast within the tour price, this is for several reasons, some of them being the following. The best MTB-specific accommodation that we use does not offer Breakfast. Accommodations that do include breakfast charge a lot of money for a buffet-style breakfast and unless you are going to eat like a horse it does not represent good value and will push the overall tour price up. There are several very very good coffee and breakfast cafes within 5 minute's walk of the accommodation and we will book these in advance for you. it is then your choice to spend as you wish. 

Lunch - This is taken on the trails, in cafes and from supermarkets, again everyone's preferences are different so we are not including the lunches. 

Evening meals - We are including your Welcome and Goodbye meals in Whistler. This will celebrate your arrival and we can all talk through the week and the itinerary, break the ice and drink some beers or vino! The final meal will celebrate what we hope was an amazing week! 


Ability Assessor

You will be required to have the following ability and fitness for the Whistler Tour

Skills and Technical  = 3 - Dedicated

You’ve developed skills on the bike that give you confidence in most situations. Drops over 4 foot, technical rock or root sections over 5 metres in length and rooty, steep sections of trail may need a look before riding, but you’re happy to hit them. Jumping and being in the air is comfortable. You have good knowledge of your body position on the bike and are comfortable shifting your weight about to get the bike moving should you find yourself in a tricky situation.

Fitness = 3 - Dedicated

You’d be able to ride most of the day, pedalling up a local trail centre to get to the descents if there’s no space on the uplift. You’ll finish the day tired but you could do it all again tomorrow. Your palms have the start of tell-tale callouses of someone who loves to ride whenever they can.


For international flights, we recommend you arrive the day before the tour starts and spend 1 night in Vancouver, see the city and enjoy the sites. We will collect you from downtown Vancouver at 9 am on the first day of the tour then make our way to Whistler. 

You will finish the riding element of the tour and stay one more night in Whistler before heading back to Vancouver. Please do not book a flight before 2pm.

Please do not book your flights until we have confirmed your tour is going ahead. We require a minimum number for specific tours. 



Why are Bike Park Passes NOT included

The truth of the answer is that we simply can not buy the passes on your behalf from Vail Resorts. We have explored every possibility to try and do this to take any additional hassle away from your Whistler Tour as that is what we do, but on this occasion, it is not possible. 

However, several things mean even with passes included you would still have to visit the Bike Pass office. The rider must sign the Whistler Bike Park Waiver. 

Also when purchasing the tickets yourself with our guides you benefit from using the priority lines in the lifts! 


Can I change the arrival and departure dates?

You can arrive before and after the trip start dates of course but our transfer will run on fixed days from Vancouver Downtown to Whistler. We also offer custom tour dates for groups. Please contact our team to discuss this in more detail. 

Can I travel to a different airport?

Transfers are arranged from Vancouver Airport. You would have to find your own way to Whistler if you were to book an alternative airport. 

What are the options at dinner?

There is a vast amount of restaurants in Whistler to choose from.

What do you do for lunch?

Lunch will be taken at cafes, supermarkets, on the trail and at local restaurants depending on the location. 

How many trails will we ride each day?

Depending on the length of the trails and how long it takes to get to them between 5 and 10.

How hard are the trails we will be riding?

They all present their challenges but they are all amazingly fun. You should be able to ride red runs with absolute confidence and be able to negotiate most black runs in the UK. 

What is the ability of other people on the trip? Will I be with slower or faster riders?

This varies. We try our best to advise clients on booking to follow our ability assessor. If you are concerned about being too slow or fast for a group please talk to us. We strongly advise you to be realistic in your ability, for your safety and confidence.

Is there any pushing or pedalling?

Yes, you can expect 650 - 900 m on the Whistler Enduro, Pemberton and Squamish days! The bike park days are all about LAPS and CHAIRLIFTS!

Recommended bike?

We would recommend an aggressive enduro bike for Whistler. It should be well-maintained and modern so that parts can be sourced if they break. We suggest a minimum of 170mm travel and DH casing tyres are highly recommended.

Which helmet should I bring?

You should bring a full-face helmet and an Enduro helmet if you do not like climbing in a full-face. Trail backpack and all the protective equipment you would feel comfortable wearing. On the pedal days, it is good to have some snacks and water and spares. 

Can I hire a bike?

Yes, there is an option to rent directly from us. Yeti SB160, SB165, Transition Spire or Patrol. The price is $150 per day if you hire for 5+ days, this price also includes a helmet (Trail helmet or DH). 

Additional items: Accidental Damage Protection (as listed on the website) -covers the rider for the costs of damage to the bike in the event of a crash. This optional coverage is recommended and is $30/day.

What is the average cost of an evening out?

Casual Dining: Meals: In casual restaurants or pubs, the cost of a meal can range from approximately $15 to $30 CAD per person. Drinks: A beer or a glass of wine may cost around $6 to $10 CAD, while cocktails could be in the range of $8 to $15 CAD.

Mid-Range Dining: Meals: In mid-range restaurants, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 CAD for a three-course meal per person. Drinks: Similar to casual dining, with slightly higher prices for premium drinks.

Will I need insurance?

Absolutely, healthcare and mountain rescue is private in Canada. You'll also want insurance against other circumstances such as bike theft, damage or cancellation for personal reasons. We recommend Yellow Jersey. Booking with us gets you a discount code for a 15% off.

Booking and Availability

Please select your preferred date below or use the enquiry form to start the booking process. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any elements further before booking if you need to. Once your booking is made you can always make amendments at a later date if you so wish.

PRIVATE GROUPS - Please contact us for a custom tour on a specific date and one of our team will get back to you ASAP

Rob Brown

Mon, 09/13/2021 - 17:29

Amazing trip in the Tweed Valley, 4 days of brilliant trails and expertly guided by Craig. Great location as well based from the Glentress Hotel.

Jim Smith

Sat, 10/09/2021 - 14:51

Been a few times with MTB beds to either Morzine or Finale Ligure. Top class outfit. Can't recommended them enough. There is no better 👌🏻

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