There are many bike hire and rental shops in Whistler Village but choosing the best bike for Whistler Bike Park depends on your riding style, preferences, and the type of trails you plan to tackle. Whistler's trails cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners to experts, and the bike you choose should match your skill level and the terrain you intend to ride. Make sure you ask the bike hire or rental shop to set the bike up for your riding style and the current bike park conditions.

Any good bike rental shop in Whistler will be able to do this quickly with little information such as your weight, height, riding style and ability. Downhill tyres and the correct pressure will also make a huge difference. Do not forget your helmet, pads and common sense also. This will help when doing wild laps or huge rides in the backcountry. 

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Downhill or Freeride Bike Rental in Whistler

There are only two types of bikes you need to consider if you are going to ride Whistler Bike Park and the first one is the full-on Downhill Bike. Why, well, Downhill bikes are specifically designed for the steep descents, technical features, and jumps found in bike parks like Whistler. They typically have long-travel suspension (around 200mm), slack geometry, and robust components to handle aggressive riding. Downhill bikes are ideal for technical and challenging trails with significant elevation changes. They provide stability at high speeds and excel in rough, rocky sections.

You might also consider a Freeride Bike. Freeride bikes offer a blend of downhill capabilities and versatility for tricks and jumps. They have slightly less suspension travel than downhill bikes, making them more agile in certain situations. Suitable for riders who want to hit jumps, drops, and technical features while still having the capability to navigate downhill trails.

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Bike Rental Shops in Whistler Village

Arbutusroutes offers both Enduro and DH bikes from Transition and Yeti. Prices range from $140 and include free helmets and bike locks. You can also add on their bike insurance and they will set the bike up for you. 

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Evolution Whistler also offer DH and Enduro Bikes from Santacruz with the option of a V10 or Bronson / Nomad available. They also offer Transition Ripcord 24" youth bikes! Prices start from $134 per day. Helmets are available to rent for $15/day, and armour sets of knee & elbow are $10/day. 

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Black Diamond Whistler - With a vast range of Bikes from Devinci and Marin there is something suitable for every rider from Black Diamond. Kids bikes, E-Bikes and more with many options for insurance, helmets and protection you might find just what you need here. 

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If you have any further questions regarding Whistler Bike Hire please do send us an email, if you are a local bike shop and would like to be listed on our website please do get in touch. 

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Enduro or trail Bike

The other option is an Enduro or trail bike, the same thing really. Enduro bikes are a bit more burley these days and you can give them a real pasting, trail or "downcountry" Bikes are also more capable than ever and a very good choice if you are looking to explore outside of the bike park. Stick to Enduro if it is a mix of bike park laps and aggressive trail riding like Top of the World of Lord of the Squirrels you'll be riding. 

Enduro Bike, why, enduro bikes are designed to handle a variety of terrain, including both ascents and descents. They typically have slightly less travel than downhill bikes but are more versatile for riders who want to explore a range of trails. Ideal for those who enjoy a mix of uphill and downhill riding, and want a bike that can handle both technical descents and pedalling.

Trail bikes are versatile and suitable for a broad range of riding conditions. They have less travel than downhill or enduro bikes, making them more efficient for climbing while still offering capability on descents. Suitable for riders who want to explore a variety of trails, including less-technical ones, and may involve some climbing.

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