Whistler Bike Park is located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Whistler is a world-renowned resort town situated in the Coast Mountains, about 75 miles north of Vancouver. The bike park is part of the larger Whistler Blackcomb resort, which is famous for its skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.

Whistler Bike Park offers a vast network of downhill mountain bike trails with trails suitable for beginners to professionals, making it the ultimate destination for mountain bikers from around the world. The park typically operates from late spring to early fall, taking advantage of the snow-free months. With Multiple world-class events, some of the finest riders in the world and a buzzing mountain bike scene Whistler Bike Park 100% needs to be on everyone's bucket list! 

Whistler Bike Park Map

Why is Whistler Bike Park so good? Whistler has been the pinnacle of Mountain Bike Parks across the globe for a decade at least, the reason why? World-Class Features and Design, the park features expertly designed trails with a variety of technical features, jumps, drops, berms, and other elements. Trails like "A-Line" and "Fade to Black" are famous for their huge and well-crafted features. Whistler Bike Park was designed and developed with the expertise of Gravity Logic, a trail design and construction company specializing in gravity-oriented trails. Their involvement has contributed to the park's reputation for high-quality, professionally designed trails.

A-Line is one of the most famous trails in Whistler Bike Park, and it features a massive step-up jump alongside Crabapple Hits which is a series of jumps on the A-Line including jumps like "C1," "C2," and "C3." These jumps are well-known for their progressive size and the Crankworx Whip-off competition. Dirt Merchant is another iconic trail in Whistler Bike Park, known for its large jumps and flowy features. The jumps on this trail vary in size, and some of the bigger ones offer opportunities for some big tricks from the best riders! 


Whistler bike park facts and figures

With just over 4900 vertical feet of downhill trails to explore and nearly 80 km of trails Whistler Bike Park is one place you will simply never get bored off! This vast Bike Park has trails ranging from Green-level with smooth berms, and rollers and is suitable for beginner and family riders. Up to double black diamond pro lines with huge jumps drops and shoots suitable for the best riders only. Whistler allows you to progress through the park during your holiday there. Starting on the easier trails and moving to wherever you feel comfortable by the end of your holiday. From A-line to the Top of the World trail there is something for everyone in this iconic Bike Park. 

Highest Elevation - 2,173 m

Number of lifts - 4

Number of Trails - 112

Trails = Green 9 | Blue 42 | Black 33 | Double Black 28

The Different Zones of Whistler Bike Park

Whistler Bike Park is divided up into four specific zones, these are listed below and all have different terrain and riding styles contained within them.

FITZ-SIMMONS Zone - The original Bike Park zone with the largest variety of trails and features for every skill level. Includes Technical, Freeride, and beginner trails for all abilities. MAX ELEVATION: 1019M/2246FT

  • FITZSIMMONS SKILLS CENTRE Small berms, wooden features and rollers introduce riders to the obstacles found on intermediate trails.

GARBANZO Zone - Steeper, longer, rockier trails than the Fitzsimmons Zone that embrace the rugged contours of the terrain. For advanced and high intermediate riders. Includes advanced Freeride and Technical Trails. MAX ELEVATION: 1850M/6069FT

PEAK Zone - Whistler’s iconic alpine zone features a 5,000-vertical-foot descent to the Valley floor. For advanced riders only. Includes Technical Trails. MAX ELEVATION: 2182M/7160FT

CREEKSIDE Zone - The Bike Park’s freshest and purest singletrack area boasts more than 30km of trail with more to come. Recommended for intermediate to expert riders looking to ride alongside cascading creeks through lush, green forests. MAX ELEVATION: 1442M/4730FT

There are also several skill areas within Whistler Bike Park where riders can practice their jumps, drops, berms and all other skills until they feel comfortable to take those skills to the trails and have some real fun. 

INTERMEDIATE SKILLS CENTRE - A series of drops and wooden features enable novice and intermediate riders to progress their confidence on technical obstacles. Find the Pump Track here.

GATORADE SKILLS PARK - For intermediate to advanced riders. Medium-size jump and drop features. Progress on technical features.

JOYRIDE JUMP PARK - Jumps and drops are designed for intermediate to advanced riders to practice their freeride skills. 

Huge jumps on Crabapple Hits at Crankworx festival

Whistler bike park

Lift Pass options for riding at Whistler Bike Park

There are many different pass options for riding at Whistler Bike Park, it all depends on what trail you want to ride, how much lift-assisted riding you want to and how much pedalling you are happy to do also. 

  • Full Day Lift Ticket
  • Half Day Lift Ticket
  • Multi-Day Passes 
  • Season Pass
  • Top of the World Ticket

It's crucial to review the most recent pricing, pass options, and any changes on the official Whistler Blackcomb website or by contacting their customer service. Prices can vary based on factors such as the time of year, promotions, and any special events taking place at the bike park.

If you have any further questions regarding Whistler Bike Park please use the contact form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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