Bernex is a hidden gem in Haute Savoie bike park scene. Not far from Lake Geneva it's a locals bike park, one of whom happens to be Vinny-T, who is also responsible for one of the newest trails in the park, `Le Chill`

A 40 minute drive from Morzine, a day trip to Bernex is perfect for riders looking for jumps, features, jibs and bike park berms to slap. With big wooden ramps a feature of the lower section of the hill it's perfect for park rats. There is also plenty of off piste to be found in Bernex, scattered across the hill are secret loamy singletracks for those willing to look.

Flow trails in Bernex


Don't let the low trail count put you off, the trails here are packed with alternate lines and individual features, perfect to session. The green is is smooth and easy as the come, with the other lines all possible for even a novice, you would just opt in or out of the obstacles. You could definitely take on Bernex with any kind of bike, Enduro or DH.

Bernex taxi from Morzine

Note, this piste map from 2022 does not show the new trail developed by Vinny-T


  • 1 Chairlift
  • 6 Official trails
  • 1 Green, 1 Blue, 2 Red and 2 Black Trails
  • 40 minutes from Morzine 
  • 0830h depart Morzine
  • 23€ daily lift ticket
  • 40€ per person Day Trip public price
  • 35€ per person Day Trip price if you are an Atlas Ride Co client
  • 6 person minimum number to run a trip
  • 16 person maximum capacity (advance booking required)

Freeride drops and booters when you're done with the flow


The best way to think of Bernex is to imagine as a kid, you had an entire hill with 400m of elevation, a chairlift, and a rich uncle with a digger. The runs are packed with features, transfer lines, step ups, fades, step downs, doubles and table tops, it's built for the park rat.

While there is some good off piste here, it's not the main feature of the hill, like it is on Le Pleney for example. Braking bumps exist but they are not as gnarly as you'll find anywhere in Morzine. It can get busy here but it's all relative, the most riders you'll see in lift queue is 20, often less.

The chairlift is old, and they do run the hooks in a manner that means many chairs can go by before you can put your bike on. But this adds to the charm and it does not really effect your day. There is a decent restaurant at the bottom of the hill serving panninis and other snacks, a small hut acts as a bike shop, bring spares if you think you'll need them.

If you want to rail berms, hit jumps, get some air and find some flow, don't be put off by the grading of the runs, there are alternate lines everywhere and none of the official runs are steep, there's plenty of choice for a great day out.


Bernex is a great fun day out, grab your mates, save some room on the phone for clips and get steezy, be back in morzine in time for apres beers!


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