The mountain bike trails of Le Pleney in Morzine are world famous and for very good reason. This little hill with 600 metres of elevation holds some of the most technical, steep, rooty, flat out tracks you can find anywhere in Europe, if not in the world. 

Initially, Pleney was famous for it's 'main line', this black trail was built over 20 years ago by a now-infamous local bar owner (Apparently) and has stood the test of time to this day with multiple variations, cut off and re shapes being hammered by locals and tourists alike for decades. Now, plethora of secret trails leading off the main line scatter the hill, at last count there were over 30 of these steep and technical creations challenging everyone all the way up to the top level pro's. It's these single tracks that the locals have built that really bring the tourists and riders back year on year. 

Steep, technical and natural, why we love Le Pleney!

the pleney mountain bike trails in morzine are world class

What official tracks does Le Pleney have?

There are now four official trails on Le Pleney in Morzine and these are maintained by the lift company in the summer employing several trail maintenance staff to keep them running. 

  • Blue - Piste D A'tray

This trail is 4 km long and descents just over 500 metres from top to bottom with a blue grade it is a great trail in Morzine to warm-up on

  • Blue - The Family trail

This trail is 4.5 km long and has many features including berms, roots and crosses pistes and forest as it descends down the hillside

  • Red - The Roots

A fast and open trail at the start which goes straight down the middle of the hill and then leaps into the forest for more technical, rooty fun

  • Black - Le Noir de Morzine

The original and the most famous main line there is this track has it all, drops, jumps, roots and flat out sections, a firm favourite for any DH rider

From Red to Black the Pleney in Morzine has it all

Trail developments - keep up to date

The Pleney is always changing be it locals digging fresh tracks or the Trail Crew keeping things new and fresh. What we will try to do with this blog post is keep you up to date with info and photos as we receive/take them regarding the trail developments and any new trails and events that are going on in Morzine and specifically on the Pleney. #PLENEYISGREAT

To kick off see some very recent works which started during the week of the 06/05, we are super stoked to see the TC getting to work early and making sure the trails are in prime condition before the season kicks off on the 15th (We hope) of June! If you see these guys buy them a beer! 

The diggers are out on the Pleney

mountain bike holidays in morzine are really fun for all the family

New berms and re graded trails make us happy

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