Certain brands are synonomous with the sporting world they operate in. Burton is snowboarding, Honda is motocross, Vans is skateboarding and Specialized, they are mountain biking. It's not because they are the biggest or best known brands in their sport and it's not because they are the most popular or even fashionable. It's because these iconic companies formed the very nucleus of their sports, they were there at the beginning.

Specialized was there at the birth of mountain biking, in California. The Stumpjumper one of the first legitimate, readily available mountain bikes ever made in 1981. Yes, they did start as road bike brand but they were soon on the dirt, funding the first meetings of the IMBA, and standing behind trail advocacy across the planet ever since, producing the first readily available mountain bike, sponsoring one of the first MTB factory race teams and so much more. Since the conception of the brand in 1974 they've been at the forefront of the sport, in racing, bike technology and in innovation. A brand of this size has their naysayers and that's normal, but none of them can deny the quality of the bikes Specialized has produced over the years. Especially so today with class leading bikes across the range wheter in the hands of pro's or mere mortals.

The original mountain bike. Specialized Stumpjumper 1981 vs 2021

We've long been admirers of the bikes and this partnership has been on the cards for a couple of years, the timing just not being right until now. We are so stoked that we can make it happen for 2021 and beyond! Many mountain bikers have owned Specialized bikes over the years, we've had our share including the original Demo, the infamous Big Hit (The OG mullet) and a couple of Stumpjumper's too. We still have the last 26" Evo Stumpjumper Specialized made in a lock up in Australia, couldn't bear to part ways with it.

Long associated with some of the best kids bikes on the market, Specialized Hotwalk's are still the go to balance bike for young families, it's scary to think how many shredders there will be in the next decade that started on one of these.

2014 Benson's Stumpjumper Evo and in 2020, Luca on his Hotwalk

Specialized have led the way with innovations over the years, the first mountain bike produced en masse with the Stumpjumper, made in Japan in 1981. They began producing their own tyres way back in 1976 when the tyres available in the US weren't up to scratch, they put the first carbon production bike to market in 1989. The FSR linkage was first developed in 1993 and has formed the basis of most companies suspension platforms at at least some point. In 1993, at this time, many of the mountain bike brands you know didn't exist.

More recently, being the first company to introduce a wind tunnel to help their race programs, both on and off road, aswell as on the bike systems such as the SWAT box, Brain technology and FACT carbon tubing all lead the way.

Specialized innovations

Specialized swat box

Over the years Specialized has the been the bike of some the fastest riders on the race circuit, with Shaun Palmer, Aaron Gwin and today with Loic Bruni and Finn Iles piloting the downhill bikes to glory. They have sponsored some the best road bikes teams of all time and you'll see their bikes at the top of XC World Cup podiums regularly. The guys have pedigree and can make bikes that can go as fast as you can ride them.

Jason Mcroy's Stumpjumper - Everyone wanted it at the time

E-Bikes have become an important part of our sport. If you still don't like them then it's likely you either haven't ridden one or haven't ridden a good one. Specialized make good E-Bikes. Probably the best E-Bikes, if you were to ask anyone in the industry they'd have to agree these guys are right at the top of the tree, having embraced the E-Bike revolution years before their competitors.

That jump gave them a head start that now sees them producing their own motors and batteries that outclass the competition, and innvoative bike designs such as the lighter Levo SL and the burly shuttle bike the Kenevo. They were there first. We are excited to see what the E-Bikes can do in our locations around Europe and you can already get your hands on them in Molini.

Specialized lead the way in E-Bike technology

You'll see a fleet of Specialized Enduro Experts ready to ride in Morzine and Finale Ligure locations, aswell as access to a fleet of Turbo Levo and Levo SL's in Morzine and the UK. We reckon the Enduro is the best all round bike to tackle all European destinations, long travel, burly build, yet able to climb all day.

We'll also be able to cover your battery and charging point if you want to bring your own E-Bike away with you, with several in house options to get you charged and ready. E-Bike battery hire covered!

Enduro Experts will be available in Morzine & Finale Ligure

The 20's might have started off on the wrong foot but we are bloody excited about the decade ahead. This partnership will take what we can offer to our clients to the next level, the bikes are awesome, we can't wait to show you what they can do.

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