In 2018 Atlas Ride Co contacted Rimpact for some help with their new MTB rental fleet, they had 12 Orange Alpine 6 and 324 dh Bikes in Morzine that needed rim protection. Rental bikes get beat up and damaged very quickly so any products that can reduce the chances of damage is very important. 

Rimpact sent some samples of our Original V1 inserts out to the guys at Atlas Ride Co to try on their rental bikes and the feedback was incredible. Happy clients, happy mechanics and happy wheels at an affordable price for a full fleet of rental bikes!

Finale Ligure is home to the Enduro World Series (EDR) and with the rental bikes spending 16 weeks a year riding some of the rockiest trails on earth the inserts made a world of difference.

“We simply would not run the bikes without the Rimpact inserts any more. The number of flats has reduced drastically giving our mechanics and guides more time to manage the fleet and keep those wheels turning” 

From the initial feedback we knew that there was a bigger opportunity here to develop a partnership between Rimpact and Atlas Ride Co. and get more people riding Rimpact inserts. Atlas Ride Co provide all their clients with a discount code for our website which is sent out in all booking confirmations. Rimpact and Atlas Ride Co have also worked together on competition giveaways to grow both our social reach and mailing list. 

The Value of Feedback

For the past 5 years we have been running Rimapct inserts, we have installed 100s into both own bikes and also clients bikes in multiple destinations across Europe. The feedback from them has been invaluable, helping Rimpact further develop and improve their product range, as well as clients get through the rough and sometimes unforgiving trail conditions that are found in riding spots across the world.

The Rimpact Family

Rimpact have grown substantially since we first launched our partnership, now offering 5 different impacts all designed for different disciplines, from Gravel, Cyclo-Cross and XC to heavy hitting Downhill inserts, Rimpact have you covered. They also sell their own valves (with service kits available), and also stock a wide range of tyres, so you can just send your wheel (new or old), choose one of their tyres, and have them do put it all together!

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Big thank you to Rimpact

The team here at Atlas Ride Co would like to thank Rimpact for their support over the years. Don't forget all of our clients get a 15% discount online for any Rimpact products, so book NOW and get your wheels in tip-top, bombproof shape. 

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