Bike Hire in Finale Ligure: Finale Ligure is on every mountain biker's list of places to ride before they can't ride anymore! Want to make the trip but don't want to take the bike? Or just want to ride something else? Look no further as we have you covered, from our own fleet of Specialized Enduro’s, we'll get hooked up with the best possible hire bike for your trip in Finale Ligure. Finale Ligure is no place for a short-travel cross-country bike, nor is it the best for a downhill bike. E-MTB HIRE

Here you need an aggressive enduro bike, with modern geometry, enough travel and good quality, hard-wearing components. We aren't kidding when we say this is the most demanding terrain we've ridden! At the Atlas Ride Co's flagship Villa Arcelli, we carry a fleet of Specialized Enduro 29er hire bikes for our clients. We've been riding these bikes for as our personal bikes for a little while and it's easily the most versatile and fun platform we've used and more than enough for Finale Ligure's demanding terrain.

When you hire a bike with us, our mechanic will run through the bike setup with you, to make sure everything is just the way you like it. We check the bike over every couple of days to ensure everything is running tip-top. We also have helmets, armour and shoes for hire and test from Fox Head and Five Ten.

*NEW FOR 2024 - Hayes Dominion brakes on all Enduros

Information required to book

  • Atlas Ride Co accommodation name
  • Lead name on booking
  • Bike sizes
  • Travel dates
  • We require a passport and credit card number which will be held for the duration of the hire.


We require a 30% booking deposit to secure the bikes and the final balance is due 2 weeks before collection of the bikes in resort, payment to be made via card, bank transfer or cash in the same currency as your initial deposit by prior approval.

You can also make full payment via your booking profile.


You are required to have an insurance policy in place for the hire of the bike in the form of holiday insurance or a bike specific insurance policy. You are responsible for any damage caused to the bike beyond general wear and tear, which includes any crash damage, and will be asked to pay for any repairs before you receive your passport back.  You will be issued a full receipt to claim on your holiday insurance.

If you cannot or do not wish to take an insurance policy, you can still take a bike out with these 3 things;

  1. Your passport, which will be held for the duration of the rental
  2. Credit Card details
  3. Proof of address of where the credit card is issued.

All costs are at trade prices and you are not charged for any labour time. We try to be fair as possible and believe we provide a high quality service with excellent bikes. 

Helmets and Protection

Helmets are provided free of charge.

If you require knee/arm/body protection we can provide this at €10 per item, per hire.

If you require riding shoes we can provide Five-Ten Impact Pro's  at €20 per pair, per hire

Can I hire a Specialized if I haven't booked through Atlas Ride Co?

You should consider local shops, which we would be more than happy to put you in touch with. If you still struggle and we have something available, it may be possible.

Do Atlas Ride Co only hire 29ers?


We'd encourage you to try one, especially in Finale Ligure, the extra rolling speed is incredible and we don't think the Enduro is too much of a monster truck to not be nimble.

If you want to hire a 27.5" or mullet, you'll need to ask us at the bottom of the page and we can look at other hire options from our partner shops.

Do Atlas Ride Co hire E-Bikes?

Yes, we we have Specialized Turbo Levo's and Levo SL models available. Drop us an email on

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is 2 days.

Atlas Ride Co clients can take an Enduro out for a 1 day day demo.

Specialized Enduro 29er 170mm/170mm

Finale Ligure bike

Enduro hire prices

2 Day hire £150
3 Day hire £225
4 Day hire £280
5 Day hire £340
6 Day hire £395
+ Day £50

Is this the best all-round bike ever made? It just might be. Pinkbike certainly thought so when they reviewed it against other class leading bikes last year in a field test. The all mountain weapon, the fun machine, the do it all rig, basically the bike everyone subconsciously means when they say 'a downhill bike that can pedal'.

The 2023 edition of the Enduro builds on the success this bike had on release in 2020 with an amazing spec sheet straight out of the box, especially so for the Expert model we run. The suspension platform should be familiar to those of you that follow the World Cup, sharing the same DNA as the Demo race bike Loic Bruni and Finn Illes pilot to the podium almost every round. With it's rearward axle path this thing eats up bumps, infact most forks would struggle to keep up with the performance, fortunately these are specc'd with the incredible new Rockshox Zebs. The innovative SWAT and Conceal Carry systems give that extra level of freedom with on board storage and tools for on the fly repairs. With angles remaining friendly for all day epic pedals, this maybe the best rental bike available anywhere, yes we are bias but listen to the reviews if you still have doubts;


"The Specialized Enduro was my pick of this bunch, hands down. It's a bike that feels limitless when it comes to speed and terrain - it'll go as fast as you want, no matter how steep and gnarly the trail. The improvements over the previous version are noticeable, and welcome: there's no question that it's a more formidable bike than ever before."


"If you want a one-line summary, the new Specialized Enduro is fast as hell. The rear end glides over repeated hits and retains all the speed gravity bestows upon it. Cut smooth arcs through turn, smash through the rough stuff any way you want and this rock-solid frame keeps pointing true and stays calm. Chassis damping is also excellent, so there's no excessive sharpness or vibration, while the rubber protection on the stays keeps everything quiet. the Enduro climbs and pedals better than any bike with 170mm travel should. Even with the shock wide open, the Enduro is incredibly efficient."


Built with a Sram GX & NX eagle drivetrain, SRAM X1 cranks and Hayes Dominion brakes with 220mm/200mm rotors as standard, we've bolted on all the best bits from our partners Deity Components. Bring your own pedals or take a set of One Up Components flats to blow your mind on what a nylon pedal feels like. The suspension is looked after by Rock Show with the Zeb and Super Deluxe Coil platforms. For the full spec list click here.


Sizing can be subjective, so Specialized use a unique system in place of the traditional small, medium, large or XL, consider your height and how nimble or stable you want the bike to feel.


5'2" - 5'8" 158 - 173 S2
5'5" - 5'11" 165 - 180 S3
5'8" - 6'2" 173 - 188 S4
5'10" - 6'4" 178 - 193 S5


Please use the contact from below

If you have any questions regarding bike hire in Finale Ligure please use the contact form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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