We know the trails of Finale Ligure very well, make sure to drop us an email to join one of our trips and experience the very best tour! Finale Ligure in Italy is divided into different riding zones, which you will see detailed on the trail map, each offering a unique mountain biking experience from natural forest trails to rocky, steep and technical trails descending down to the Mediterranean Sea such as the famous Mens DH in Varigotti.

We do not recommend self-guiding in Finale Ligure, it can be a trick place to navigate, there are many uplift and guiding companies. We also run several tours which guiding, uplifts, accommodation and airport transfers, see HERE

Finale Ligure Trail Map

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The different riding zones of Finale Ligure MTB

Finale Ligure has grown significantly over the past 10 years exploding onto the MTB world stage with the introduction of the EWS (EDR) race series and the Trophy of Nations which it has hosted for several years to date. below we have detailed the different riding zones in and around Finale Ligure. The management of the mountain bike trails in Finale Ligure is a collaborative effort involving multiple groups but the primary organization responsible for the development, maintenance, and management of the trails is the Finale Outdoor Region (FOR). FOR is a consortium that includes local municipalities, trail builders, and mountain bike associations.

Nato Base

Situated in the northeastern part of Finale Ligure, the Nato Base riding zone was one of the first shuttle zones, the most like a 'bike park', the trails are fast, with plenty of technical features with some rock gardens, jumps and sweeping turns. Nato Base, named after the abandoned military complex that the trails start from, is quintessentially Finale Ligure and a must-do on any trip here.

Feglino / Ivoland

The zone below the Nato Base trails is known as lower Feglino and Ivoland, named after the small village at the base of the hill and one of the region's famous trail builders. Some of the area's most famous runs are found on these lower slopes. Wildly different styles of trail and terrain, from the rocky flow of Pino Morto to the tight and twisty Margot, the steep and gnarly Little Champery, the fast, fun Ca Bianca and the head scratcher Cromagnon, it's a maze of trails that is great fun for short laps.


If you drop into the woods behind the Nato Base you will eventually end up in Mallare, a quiet, pretty village that boasts some fantastic trails at both ends of the spectrum, some technical such as Il Carbonera, or flowy and fun like Little Dog. The trails here are quite long for the most part, riding in Mallare feels quite different to much of Finale Ligure's other zones but still that mix of dirt up top, sand and rock down low.

Le Manie

Le Manie is located to the northwest of Finale Ligure and is famous for its sandy, rocky and loose dirt, with incredible views of the sea. Trails such as Men's dh make this zone famous but some of the lesser-known trails such as Andrassa and Briga are very popular amongst locals and great for E-Bikes. Some of the only riding in Finale Ligure that finishes at the beach is to be found in Varigotti, a small village below Le Manie's riding zone.


Another coastal riding zone, to the east of Finale, many would think much of the riding is like this as so many photos and videos are taken on these picturesque trails. Rock is of course a feature of the riding here, raw, jagged and very grippy. Sections of trail that would look nearly impossible are actually quite easy due to clever trail building. The sandy dirt can get quite lose and also be very grippy depending on the amount of small stones on the top surface which keeps you on your toes.

San Bernadino

The original riding area, directly behind Finale Ligure. It's a complex maze of tight, janky trails littered with rocks, switchbacks and technical descents. Some of the regions most frustratingly challenging riding can be found here, as are that some love and some love to hate. It's the go to for a warm up lap when in town but is really quite unique in style and flow to rest of the area.


With stunning views overlooking Borgio and Pietra Ligure, the climb up to this zone is stunning, be sure to walk your bike through the small village of Verezzi to keep the peace! The trails in this zine are shared with walkers and while there are some great trails here, you really need to know the zone, as it is quite tricky to navigate and find trailheads. The riding is technical, frustratingly slow at times but very rewarding and challenging.


Melogno is a range located east of Finale Ligure and the other focal point for shuttle companies riding the classic Finale Ligure zones, your single uplift tickets will give you a choice for Din or The Fort in Melogno, or Nato Base. From Din you will access Roller Coaster or Tabogga, don't forget to take a coffee at the top, it's maybe the best in Finale! From The Fort you are the gateway to Pietra Ligure, Calizzano and trails such as Fast and Furious or Isallo Ecstacy.

Calice Ligure / Madonna della Guardia:

Below the Melogno area and toward the town of Calice Ligure, sits Madona della Guardia, named after the church found over looking Finale in a small outcrop. This is also the starting point for several famous trails such as Cacciatore, Kill Bill 1 & 2, aswell as Madonna itself, one of the toughest, relentlessly hard and challenging trails in Finale. The trails here are rugged and hard to maintain, so it is here you do have to consider your ability quite carefully before dropping. The gelato in Calice Ligure at the bottom is worth the risk to most.

Pietra Ligure

Home to the first Enduro World Cup held in Finale Outdoor Region, Pietra Ligure is a riding zone found around the lower slopes of Monte Carmo, the largest peak in the area. The trails here are accessed by 4x4 shuttle, or with a little pedalling. They are twisty, flowing trails that use the elevation of the hill well to ensure the runs are long and worth the effort made to access them. 

Monte Grosso / Ranzi

Located directly behind Pietra Ligure these zone have been created by locals and incorporated into Finale Outdoor Region. Great for E-Bikes due to their uplift routes, they are quite fast and direct trails, strewn with rock as most of the trail areas near the coast are. Some have great views of Pietra Ligure, perfect for holiday photos. 


Over the back of Melogno and the Barbottina forest there are but afew trails here, but they are very, very good. Pian Fieno and Gobbo are two of the finest in the region and while there is some effort required to access them without a 4x4, it's worth the effort. You will find yourself in a valley with no way out other than a very long road back up to Finale Ligure or the coast near Toraino, so be sure to have a plan when riding here.


A small town in the Ligurian hinterland, this zone possesses some incredible riding. Fast, very flowy, with long sweeping turns through the forests, hidden gulleys and excellent, grippy dirt. It's location means you'll need an E-Bike or a shuttle plan to be riding here, but the relatively low traffic and excellent trail building make the planning worthwhile.

Castel Vecchio

A stunning village is a focal point for some fantastic riding in the hinterland behind Albenga, a few towns down the coast from Finale Ligure and right on the Piedmont / Liguria border. The riding here is flowy, technical and a lot of fun, though the trail-building style here is different, as is the vibe of the hills you are riding in, trails like Ca du Campo are a unique experience when ridden in the context of the greater region.


Nestled on the backside of the forest between Melogno and Nato Base, Osiglia has the 'easiest riding in Finale'. The trails here are very well maintained and are very flowy, straight forward and fast. The main features on the trails are the trees that brush your arms as you rush past. A few small jumps and well-built berms do make the riding here feel quite familiar at times and this is a welcome break with the rest of the Finale region being so challenging.

Shuttles in finale ligure


Without exaggerating, there are too many trails to talk about when it comes to this riding area, it would be easier to talk about the trails we don't like in Finale Outdoor Region, the list would be quite short! Below is a list of some of our favourite Finale Ligure trails to ride, covering most of the riding area;

Super Groppo

The closing trail of the EWS in 2014, this epic is a great way to end the day. It's long but not overly challenging, the corners in the bottom half are perfectly spaced to start tight, then open up and get wider, faster and more fun as the trail picks up pace.

Black Mamba

Found in Mallare, its steep turns and technical off-camber sections keep you on your toes the whole way down, not so much that you struggle to have fun but enough to make you feel like a hero at the bottom.

Pinto Morto

A crowd favourite and the epitome of rocky flowy. Red dirt, white rock, a mic of the two sprinkled with some berms, a couple of jumps and some tunnel like gulleys make this a roller coaster of a ride that while short, keeps you on your toes, great for suspension testing.

Isallo Exstacy / Revenant

A super long trail starting from the Barbottina forest into the town of Isallo. Revenant is considered part of this recommendation and there is simply no better trail to encompass all of what Finale has to offer. The dirt, rock and style of the trail from top to bottom changes so much that it feels like 5 or 6 different runs, truly brilliant. Finishing at Revenant, universally one of the most loved trails in Finale Ligure.

Downhill Men

Fully re-mapped from 2023, this gem is maybe one of the most photographed trails in the world, its views of the seas and Varigotti village below are unmatched, which is why we saw it finishing so many EWS rounds. It's not easy to ride but the recent updates have made it very good fun and far more manageable.

Hellboy Part 2

In Pietra Ligure, this trail is found hugging the side on the hillside on the eastern part of the riding zone. Quite direct in parts, it's bus stop turns and undulating drops keep your speed under control and give the trail a real feeling of riding your bike, as you have to work all elements of your bike and techniical skill to ride it well.

Ca Du Campo

Just above Castel Vecchio, Ca du Campo is a beauty of a trail that has plenty of features to keep you excited, but it's corners are probably the best part, with plenty of grip but not too much support, it's a trail to make you feel like a mountain biking hero.

Trail Name Grade Length/Drop Video
Super Groppo Blue 6.4km / 674m Coming Soon
Black Mamba Black 2km / 410m Coming Soon
Pino Morto Red 847m / 145m Coming Soon
DH Men Black 1.3km / 270m Coming Soon
Isallo Exstacy / Revenant Blue 5.5km / 917m Coming Soon
Ca du Campo Black 1.8km / 300m Coming Soon
Hell Boy Part 2 Black 1.3km / 216m Coming Soon


Please note that trail grading in Finale Ligure should be taken with a pinch of salt, nearly all of the trails here have features on them that would make them a black run in any regular bike park. You should consider every run in Finale Ligure at least at a red level in a bike park. For more help, visit our ability assessor here.

If you any help with your Finale Ligure MTB holiday please use the contact form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you asap. we ofer multiple tours in the area and have been operating in Finale Ligure for nearly a decade. 

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